The cold room can be easily disassembled, modified, extended and reassembled without causing any damage to the existing panels.

Standard modules realized in dimensions 30-60-90-120 cm
and the different heights allow to adapt the cold room to every available space while the different thicknesses make it possible to adapt the room to conservation temperatures.

The panels junction system using dry male/ female joints, with PVC profile, and robust eccentric hooks made of galvanized steel allow for excellent heat resistance and easy assembly and disassembly.

The strength of the VITRU-TECH series rooms are rounded corners and new generation joints. The floor and ceiling perimeters are internally rounded using joints and profiles (radius 25 mm) with a “click” installation system, which is simple and fast to apply. Such profiles can be easily substituted in case of damage or aging and allow for safekeeping of internal hygiene according to recent heath and hygiene standards.

The lower and upper parts of vertical panels are equipped with concealed fixing, which coupling with ceiling/floor panels insure excellent heat resistance. A tightening eccentric hook for the connection between the vertical panels and the ceiling.


• Pressure compensation valves
• Access ramps in galvanized
steel or galvanized
• Shelves
• Ceiling guideway structure
• Hooked bars
• Pvc stripes curtain
• Reinforced floors
• Sliding door
• Refrigeration units